Demystifying Organic Agriculture

Organic Rising is the first feature-length film to demystify organic agriculture for the consumer.

Initially the documentary presents the two predominant U.S. agrarian practices: conventional and organic, and how they impact human health and the planet. It simultaneously demystifies the USDA organic regulatory process and farming methods allowing consumers to make informed choices and to explore avenues of supporting and maintaining a strong and robust agricultural future.

Film Participants

Winona LaDuke

Mark Smallwood

Fred Kirschenmann

Ben Dobson

Dr. David Montgomery

Dean Craine

Stephen Suau

Dr. Kristine Nicholes

Tommy O’Connor

Dr. Don Huber

Dr. Warren Porter

Maria Rodale

Tom Beddard

Eva Worden, Ph.D.

Fred Lee

Tom Broz

Dr. Tyrone Hayes

Dr. Paul Winchester

Dr. Michael Skinner

Kenneth Dulle

Dr. Robert Fraley

Ben Pahl

Glenn Roberts

Arran Stephens

Cathy Calfo

Mark Kastel

Miles McEvoy

Peggy Miars

Dr. Charles Benbrook

Jim Goodman

Linda Halley

Myra Goodman

John Foster

George Siemon

Joe Schirmer

George Whitten

Julie Sullivan

Pam Sullivan

Wenonah Hauter

Jack Algiere

Sean Brock

Dan Barber

Ronnie Cummins

Dr. Vandana Shiva



Simon Harrison

Elizabeth Kucinich

Our Team

Anthony Suau


Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Executive Producer

Elizabeth Moore

Executive Producer

Elizabeth Kucinich


Nick Quested


Christina Vircillo


David Kennedy


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