Live Earth Farm Watsonville, California

Tom Broz

Thomas Broz, a self-described city boy turned farmer, began growing food with his wife Constance as a way to reconnect with his community and the natural world. Interested in the tension between efforts to grow food, make a living, and strike a proper balance with the environment, his fundamental goal remains “an attempt to bring food production and nature back together.”

Live Earth Farm began in 1995 in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains on two barren, compacted acres formerly occupied by horses. At the time, fifteen local residents pledged their support to a fledgling community supported agriculture (CSA) program.

These days, a sizeable crew harvests a diverse mix of organically grown orchard and row crops from more than 65 cultivated acres. The CSA has kept pace with the farm and currently stands at 600 members with more on the waiting list.

Fred Lee
Dr. Tyrone Hayes