Organic Rising demystifies America’s organic movement.

Four years in the making, this feature documentary, defines the positive impact organic agriculture has on human health and the environment while chronicling the movement’s implementation and participation in the USDA organic standards, its stunning growth and the dynamic future that lies ahead.

The nation’s agrarian evolution plays out against the backdrop of an industrial food system financially gripped by an entangled network of toxic chemicals, controversial genetic engineering, and an elaborate distribution system of processed foods. Now, more than any time in history, America is questioning its food supply and demanding transparency from soil to table. Today’s traditional media is incapable of reporting this because it fears the loss of advertising revenue from corporate food producers while large-scale corporate food lobbyists dictate government food policy.

The film builds a sobering narrative presenting prominent scientists, research studies and our own in-the-field findings that definitively contradict the profit-driven agricultural meme that genetically engineered food is necessary to feed the world. Moreover the extensive use of synthetic farming chemicals is inflicting catastrophic damage on human heath and the environment.

Early pioneers reveal how the National Organic Program was formed while certifiers clarify what is behind the current USDA organic label and exactly how it is implemented. Yet these tight regulations are not without oversight as watchdog groups scrutinize multi-national corporations and large-scale producers that threaten to dilute the organic standards to generate higher profits.

With unprecedented growth of 240% from 2002 to 2012 organics offers a long-term solution to the country’s destructive farming practices. Remarkable innovations by farmers, investors, chefs, activists and scientists represent exciting and irrefutable advances towards a food system based on the principles of biodiversity, personal integrity, and hard work.